Obtain a challenging, rewarding and long-term career with a company - as an Architect/Manager/Director (or similar IT Position) - leveraging my experience in Software Development and IT Management to propel a company to extreme profitability and success. I seek (and thrive in) a work environment where the excitement and commitment to technology equals or exceeds mine and presents the opportunities to utilize my creative and technical expertise in the development of top-of-the-line applications to aid the senior business goals.



Master of Science (Computer-Science) from G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand, India with OGPA 7.454/10 in July, 2003. Note: Throughout 1st class without any gap in education. All degrees and courses are regular.


Certified Scrum-Master (Scaled Agile Framework) SAFe Agilist (ID: 29947130-1308)


Authored a book TypeScript 2.x Cookbook that covers development of web, mobile and server applications using Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, and NativeScript through more than 85 recipes.


H1B Visa - USA


Organization Designation From To
Wizni, Inc. Sr. Architect APR 2016 APR 2018
Johnsons Controls Inc. Sr. Staff Engineer JUL 2014 JAN 2016
SAXO IT (I) Pvt. Ltd Manager FEB 2012 JUL 2014
Emerson Electric Co. Lead Engineer-Software JUN 2009 JAN 2012
Patni Computer Systems Ltd. Sr. Software Engineer OCT 2006 May 2009
DRDO Sr. Research Fellow JUL 2003 OCT 2006


1) Wizni, Inc., San Ramon, CA (Jan, 2016 to Apr, 2018) - Sr. Architect
Wize Platform, Wize Hub, Loan landing apps etc.:

Worked on a state of the art Mobile Backend as a Service/Software as a Service (MBaaS/SaaS) cross platform/cross channel enterprise app development platform and a cloud hub for a rapid scaffolding, development and deployment (On any cloud i.e. AWS, Google, digital ocean, Microsoft Azure or Private Cloud) of business apps.


Typescript 2.x, Node.js, Angular2.0, Express.js, Koa.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Less, HTML5, JavaScript, RESTful API etc.

2)Johnsons Controls, Gurgaon, India (Jul 31, 2014 - Jan 13, 2016) - Sr. Technical Lead
Security Systems- P2000:

Working on building efficiency products.


Typescript 2.x, Node.js, Angular2.0, Express.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Less, HTML5, JavaScript, RESTful API etc.

3)SAXO India Pvt. Ltd Gurgaon, India (Feb 06, 2012 - Jul 29, 2014) - Manager-Software
Trading Platform:

SaxoBank trading platform consists several applications and services (Fx Giveup services i.e. Citibank, Reuters, UBS give-up services several more) to enable different trading platforms i.e. Web based, Smart phone, Desktop, iPad, HTML5 etc. I am responsible for enhancing/developing Front End Distribution Server(FEDS), Core Component(CC), CommissionCache, COM/DCOM components which handles all type of derivatives like Options, Futures, Currency Futures, Fx Options etc. Responsibilities:


C++, C++11(Modern C++), COM/DCOM, Multithreading, STL, ATL, BOOST, VC++, C#, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2008, 2010, 2012, SQL server 2010, 2012, Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit, Windows Sever 2008, FIX protocol, I/O Completion Ports and WinSock, FIX, 29West, multicast.

4)Emerson Electric Co., Pune India, Eden Prairie, MN (Jun 15, 2009 - Jan 25, 2012) - Lead Engineer-Software

Designed and developed a single suit application, which can control all Emerson field devices (electronic devices which measures temperatures, density, flow, mass etc) initially for FOUDATION Field-bus protocol and followed by HART, and Profibus. Application takes Device-Description (DDs) files (A binary file which contains device details like blocks, parameters and expressions etc) as an input to generate on the fly a DTM (Device Type Manager, a kind of device driver) to control the field device. DTM acts as a server on the same machine and client runs in to the Frame Applications or host applications like FieldCare, Pactware, fdtCONTAINER etc. DTM server exposes its functionalities to the Frame applications through interfaces defined as per FDT Specification v1.2.1 (a kind of standard for DTM development).


C# .NET v1.1, C++, VC++ 9.0 (MFC, DLL, COM, Interfaces, ActiveX etc.), Multithreading, Visual Studio 2008, VSS, MS VISIO, Altova UModel, Windows XP Professional.

5)Patni Computers System Ltd., Mumbai, India (Oct 16, 2006 - May 29, 2009) - Sr. Software Engineer
GE Fleet Services, Facility Administration:

General Electric Fleet Services (GEFS) is a project which have more the 50 technologies involved. It has more than 20 modules in different technologies interacting to each other. I am associated with the module called Vehicle Ordering System (VOS). End-users use this core module for creating vehicle specifications, configuring and placing an order. VOS has been written in C++ and VC++. It has used DLLs, Multi-threading, Socket programming, MAPI etc, FTP etc. For details visit @


VC++ 6.0 (MFC, DLL), CGI Script, C++, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Java, HTML, Mainframe 3090, Start Team, Araxis Merge etc, IIS 5.0, Windows XP/ Professional, Linux.

6)DRDO, Delhi, India (Jan 01,2003 - Oct 15,2006) - Sr. Research Fellow
Raster to Vector Conversion of Satellite Images:

The developed software consists mainly two types of algorithm’s one Marr-Hildreth Edge Detection and another myself developed edge tracing (Based on chain Coding). This project was related to space image processing, image analysis, image interpretation and other image related operations. S/W reads satellite Image, and applies a convolution Filter (Marr-Hildreth Algorithms based) to detect the edges of the different objects (like Roads, Buildings, Water-bodies, Vegetation Zones etc.) present in the analyzing image. It also gives the attributes information (like perimeter, area etc.) of every object. This project developed in VC++ 6.0 by using MFC etc.


VC++ 6.0 (MFC, COM etc.)