“Master the development of web, mobile, and server applications using Node.js, React, Angular and TypeScript through more than 80 recipes”

About This Book

Who This Book Is for

If you understand the basics of TypeScript and have been using it for a while, then this book is for you. In addition to the basics, you should be familiar with the main building blocks of the TypeScript programing language, including functions, classes and modules.

What you will learn

In Detail

TypeScript 2.x provides set of features that enable developers to structure their code and write large maintainable JavaScript applications more easily. It is the superset of JavaScript and was invented to introduce static typing and object-oriented programming (OOP) features to JavaScript. This book is packed with quick-fire recipes that will teach you TypeScript 2.x and help you solve problems that crop up during web development with TypeScript 2.x. It will teach existing TypeScript developers to effortlessly run TypeScript 2.x in a browser and on a server, and will explain the various language features and exceptions, as well memory, performance, and error handling. We will show you how to use JavaScript frameworks and libraries in TypeScript 2.x, how to customize declaration files in TypeScript 2.x, and how to smoothly incorporate TypeScript 2.x in projects. We’ll also cover automated testing and modules. By the end of the book, you will be able to resolve real-life problems using multiple approaches, and as a result, the reader will a versatile and competent TypeScript 2.x developer.